• CEO at Leo Bedding.
  • Over two decades of experience in revolutionary bedding design.
  • Fifteen years of collaboration with esteemed design firms and renowned bedding manufacturers.
  • Five years as a bedding consultant, partnering on diverse projects spanning residential, commercial, and hospitality domains.


Throughout a distinguished career partnering with esteemed design firms and renowned bedding manufacturers, Nicolas's extraordinary expertise and commitment have garnered praise from clients and colleagues. Fuelled by a desire to drive lasting change, Leo Bedding was conceived—an innovative platform educating and empowering individuals to prioritize comfort and wellness in bedding choices, seamlessly intertwined with elegance.

Fusing deep comprehension of design and business, Nicolas meticulously crafted Leo Bedding into an affiliate blog, surpassing expectations. The platform offers comprehensive direction, expert insights, and thoughtfully curated product suggestions that effortlessly merge ergonomic principles with visual allure. Leveraging an expansive network, Nicolas collaborated with leading bedding brands, assuring Leo Bedding delivers prime solutions to its audience.


Nicolas obtained a Master’s degree in Design Studies (MDes) in Art, Design, and the Public Domain from Harvard University.